Statistically, Decatur has a relatively young, steadily growing population with strong indicators for continuing growth. Household income is a reflection of this type of population but will show steady increases in the median with the advent of increases in business and industry.

Population Growth – Decatur, Texas

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Age Distribution- Decatur, TX

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Median Age

Decatur US
31.9 37.6

Household Income

Median Household Income
’12 – ’15 Change


North Central Texas Workforce Development Area July 2017

Area Information

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  1. “We had a lot of choices when we were looking to relocate our corporate headquarters from Colorado, and Decatur has proven to be the best option for us. It was close to a major airport, but still a good environment for our employees’ families. The Decatur folks worked overtime to locate a piece of property and arranged a sale lease back with a local developer that got us exactly what we needed.”

    – Michael Clark, CEO, H2X Hydroexcavation

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About Decatur

  1. Decatur is a thriving Texas community with a rich history and competitive location near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro. Its regional health system, flourishing downtown, community-oriented lifestyle, strong retail base, and prime location are strengths that are propelling Decatur's economic growth.

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