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Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) National Grassland

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Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) National Grassland is located at 1400 North U.S. 81/287 outside of Decatur. This land was set aside in the late 1940s to remove sub-marginal agricultural lands from cultivation and to demonstrate wise use land practices on lands not suitable for cultivation.

Burning Program

An aggressive prescribed burning program has been taking place the last few years to reduce dangerous fuel loads on the Grasslands to protect our neighbors and to recreate the open nature of the Post Oak Savanna that original pioneers encountered in North Texas.

Grassland Uses

The Grasslands is primarily used for recreational activities such as hiking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, hunting and bird watching, however, it is also used as grazing land for cattle and other livestock. Camping and other activities are free of charge, and visitors may camp in virtually any area of the park and both pull-through and hike-in campsites are available.

Some areas require a small fee for use, but these are few and clearly marked. For more information call 940-627-5475.
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