Decatur is a thriving Texas community with a rich history and competitive location near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro. Its regional health system, flourishing downtown, community-oriented lifestyle, strong retail base, and prime location are strengths that are propelling Decatur’s economic growth.

  • Proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex without all the traffic and other hassles.
  • Decatur has robust real estate offerings and a connected transportation network that fully maximizes its advantageous location in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metro.
  • Decatur has an educated and skilled workforce that aligns with target industry needs.
  • Decatur continues to be a unique and charming community.
  • Entrepreneurs thrive and grow in Decatur.
  • Decatur is recognized as a forward-thinking business destination for target industries.
  • Streamlined and Fast Development Process.
  • Cluster of existing companies in target industries.
  • Decatur has a moderate climate conducive to year round outdoor activities.Decatur has an award winning medical health system.